Since 1991, I've lived and breathed boating and diving. Straight out of college I went to work for one of New York City's highest profile real estate developers.  Shortly after the savings and loan crisis hit in 1989, I moved to the British Virgin Islands for what I thought would be a few months...

Snorkeling is just as much fun as diving.

Snorkeling is just as much fun as diving.


I arrived in the BVI in October 1991 for a planned stay of a few months.  Within 3 weeks I was diving every day, working alongside people who loved their jobs.  With no television, no newspapers, and very few magazines it was a fantastic time.

There's nothing that compares to being on the ocean.  Wind, current, weather, water all combine so that no two days are alike.  The color of the ocean is an infinite combination of sea and light.  

Anchoring out allows us to renew our appreciation for the dark, starry night that living in our mostly urban environment goes largely unnoticed.

Peek underneath the waves and a whole other world comes alive.  Turtles, rays, and a myriad tropical fish are all just inches below the surface.

Whether it's docked in Newport, RI for the jazz festival or anchored out in a secluded bay in the Caribbean, yachting offers endless opportunities for relaxing, exploring, and entertaining.

My mission is to find a yacht owner ready for an adventure; to partner with for the long run.  Together we can look forward to many years of exploration and adventure.


Coinjock, NC

Coinjock, NC

The foundation of an effective yachting campaign begins with three main components:

  • committed ownership

  • dedicated crew

  • a well found vessel

The successful union of these three building blocks can lead to many years of enjoyable, unforgettable yacht ownership.

Achieving that union is no easy task; many yacht owners go through numerous crew changeovers and often give up yachting in frustration.  The longer an owner can retain the same crew, the longer a crew can stay with an owner/yacht, the greater the dividends to both.

The yacht itself is the third leg of the owner-crew-yacht triangle.  A well found vessel is one that will reliably perform the program the owner draws up.  Any vessel can be made seaworthy but the older the vessel and/or the dodgier the build quality will affect the cost and reliability factors dramatically.

That said, even the highest quality brand new boats will often need expensive and/or time consuming maintenance.  A well thought out, well planned pro-active maintenance schedule is imperative.  


Nearly 25 years of captaining, diving, chartering, and yacht management.  160 weeks of charters in 4 years; dozens more subsequently.  Fifteen years running a small business managing 10 yachts simultaneously.  Over 5,000 dives guiding guests and/or teaching diving.  Delivery captain/watch officer for same clients year in/year out.  

Reliable, trustworthy, discrete, professional.  A proven track record with supporting references. 

Heading up the East River, lower Manhattan and South St. Seaport visible in background.

Heading up the East River, lower Manhattan and South St. Seaport visible in background.

Resume in brief

  • USCG 1600 ton license first issued in 1998
  • Over 5,000 dives
  • Experience on motor and sailing yachts up to 185'
  • Experience on both private and charter vessels
  • Superb navigational, boat handling, and anchoring skills
  • Strong technical and mechanical skills
  • Insurable with no claims and no losses